Michael Fehr was born in Berne in 1982. He studied at the Swiss Institute for Literature Biel and at Y Insitute of the Arts College Berne from 2007 – 2012. His books are Kurz vor der Erlösung (2013), Simeliberg (2015) and Glanz und Schatten (2017). He was co-founder and curator of the Babelsprech, a international project for the promotion of young poetry. Since 2013, he is a member of the jury of Treibhaus, a competitive platform for writers.


Michael Fehr refers to himself as being a narrator. He follows his ideas, creates a poetical, rhythmic – quasi musical – oeuvre, carefully and respectfully deploying repetition, reduction and the possibilities of articulation, to provoke tension and serenity, noise and silence. In a close collaboration with the musician Manuel Troller, some of Fehrs texts became songs. Narrative solo performances and concerts togehter with Manuel Troller have successfully taken place in English (in the US, India and Sri Lanka).

Interview in English

Full length interview with Michael Fehr by Andrew Singer incl. short samples of music


Some of the translated short stories have been published in New Books in German.

Excerpt from Simeliberg translated by Shaun Whiteside